From the beginning, Genius Camp was planned to be different

How a small group of experts became Toronto’s fastest growing STEM education company

A group of expert engineers

Three years ago, we found out that there was a lack of professional teachers in summer camps. That’s how we, as professional engineers, gathered together. Our goal was simple: to deliver the best camps across the country.

Low teacher to student ratio

We also observed that camps were usually overpopulated and teachers were not able to give children the attention they want. As a result, many were left out and could not grasp as much knowledge as possible. That’s another way we decided to stand out. We decided to make our class capacities between 2-8 students so that we can optimize learning in your children.

"We test and choose the best educational materials in each camp and offer classes only in the top quality educational facilities to maximize learning for campers."
Mo Amani
Founder & CEO

A continual experience

When camps are done, they are done. For the most part, the aqcuired knowledge is also forgotten. That’s why we made sure children always have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge with the take-home materials. From robots to 3D printers, every camp will have something to take home. We also offer advanced and integrated camps for those who wish to dig deeper into a certain subject.

Our beliefs are simple yet essential

Build Confidence

Our mission is to give our campers the confidence they need to thrive and become successful. Creating a positive relationship with learning through interactive programs encourages young minds to innovate and explore their creativity.

Train the Brain

It is necessary to always challenge your brain in order to grow. This is why choosing a new activity is so beneficial. It engages the brain to learn something new things and offers the chance to improve. Careful practice marks permanent knowledge on the brain.

Discover True Talents

In Genius camp we help campers to be exposed to different subjects and our teachers will help them find their true talents and unleash their genius inside.

Use Multiple Learning Styles

We understand that each student is different from another; that's why our syllabus encompesses a wide range of learning styles to optimize the learning process.

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