Genius Ultimate Camps

Designed for enthusiasts in a specific topic willing to improve their knowledge to advanced level. These camps make the knowledge of that topic permanent and give enough confidence to campers to think about working on complex topics. Please note that due to the complexity of the final projects, all campers have to pass technical math course plus the fundamental level of the course as a perquisite. It helps campers to understand the knowledge behind the projects easier and faster.


Autonomous Robot

Buid your own self-driven robot and learn to code its way home!


Computer Hardware II

Build your gaming computer and obtain an advanced computer hardware knowledge

Electric Circuit II

Assemble your take-home laptop & obtain outstanding skills that will stay with you for a lifetime

3D with Design Autodesk Inventor

Professional 3D designers have both engineering and artistic minds; It all starts with an idea


Control Smart Devices
(Control II)

This camp is designed for enthusiasts willing to know how to control the smart world.

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